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Native Experts.

We are a group of highly skilled React and React Native developers helping
our customers to improve their capabilities and deliver the best possible

What we offer

We know how challenging it can be to build a successful product. Luckily, our wide range of services and expertise is here to help you every step of the way.


Together with your team, we create a coding style guide to improve collaboration, code consistency, and quality.

Code Audit

We analyze your source code to identify bugs and security issues, reducing errors in time for your product launch.

Code Reviews

We review your code thoroughly to check for any bugs and improve the overall code quality.

Hired Muscle

Need an extra pair of hands for your project? Our hired muscle are ready to jump in at any point.

Plug-in expertise

Each of our highly skilled team members:

Is specialized in everything React and React Native.

Is easily integrated into your team for short- or long-term collaborations.

Shares the same expertise and knowledge, and is ready to share it with your team.

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We expose the coding mistakes that endanger your product's continuity.

Even the smallest coding mistakes can lead to problems further down the line, threatening your product’s position in the market. Through our consistent coding style, meticulous audits and code reviews, we can catch these issues long before they have the chance to cause problems.

Customer Testimonial

“We can easily recommend Easy Street as an agency with deep knowledge of React and React Native, they have helped us deliver several medical apps built on top of our medical backend solution.”

Extra Horizon

Tom Dufour

VP Engineering at Extra Horizon

How we like to work with our customers

No matter how big or small your company is, we work with you to create the best personalized approach.

We fully integrate into your team

To embed properly into your team and to transfer our knowledge as fast as possible, we prefer to work with you as closely as possible.

We love to work with you again

The faster you no longer need us, the better we did our job. But we love it even more when we can come back for another project!

Pay as you go

We offer short-term contracts and flexible payment options, no lock-in contracts or tedious paperwork to be found here!

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